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This is an initiative by  a group of physios for physios. A organization to uplift the quality of Indian Physiotherpists  . …………
I am writing this blog for all my Indian Physiotherapy friends. My journey as a physio began with struggle and still continued . As I ponder over whom to blame I find no one to. Well this blog is an desperate attempt to Unite all the physios who are ambitious in getting ahead. We are here to share our experiences and any known means that could ease our journey in getting better paid positions with mutual help. This is also an attempt to make you aware of some agencies who are targeting our misery to gain profit through false promises.
The position of Physios in India is quiet pathetic anyway its no point in just continuously complaining but to get together and think of doing something. The very first initiative I guess would be   to get united which  I guess is very tough as an Indian in general. The only time in history when all Indians were united was I probably under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi , a weak old man who defeated the most powerful kingdom that ever walked on the face of this  earth. Likewise we too might be weak at the moment but we should realize that we can become strong only if we get united.

Today I am particularly writing about the easiest way to get All General Credits for FCCPT Type 1 clearance according to CWT5 for United States of America.
Let me begin this way. Till now everyone has been completely confused about what general credits actually are, what is supposed to be done and how to carry on. I would begin with a happy note that getting clearance for USA is not at all tough as thought by majority of them while still residing in India.
Firstly I would like to list down some general myths and misunderstandings along with few important facts. 


Myth - General Credits Cannot be done from India
Absolutely wrong they can be done very easily in a very short frame of time and with a very low cost.
What do you mean by general Credit
I could blindly assert that 99% of Indian physios believe that general credits are some very sophisticated courses done only in the United States and they should be done under the title as credits. Well that is absolutely wrong, now I would like to explain what you mean by General Credits. Firstly you should know what is the meaning of credit ( ) Credit is a unit of education, it gives you an exact expression to how much you have studied. It is something similar to kg which is unit of weight, meters which is unit of length, seconds which is unit of time likewise credit is the basic unit of  Education. Now when someone can say that the bag is very heavy while other can say the same bag is very light both the statement do not give the exact view of how heavy the bag is but if someone says that the bag is 10kg you can immediately get an perfect idea about how heavy the bag is Similarly when we say 1 credit of education it means that certain quantity of education has to be completed in order to get it. It just defines the quantity of education so that one can get a clearer view of how much we have studied. Secondly the word General is simply used for those courses that are out of Physiotherapy professional courses e.g History, geography, physics, chemistry. These are those courses apart from our PT courses.
So how much  1 credit exactly is.
The definition of credit is different is different countries but thankfully the definition  of credit is same in India and United States. According to FCCPT and USA in general 1 credit is equivalent to( ) 1 week of study which means if one subject requires one week of time to be completed it is called 1 credit while 2 weeks of study would be 2 credits,  whereas in india  1 credit is defined as 30 hours of classroom education( ). Which means an subject which requires 30 hours to complete is 1 credit and if 60 hours of effort is required it would be 2 credits In India. The above link I have provided of belongs to IGNOU, the reason why I used it as a base to defend my statement is because IGNOU is the direct body of UGC and also is the Directorate of Distatnce Education. IGNOU is the head over all the hundreds of correspondence universities in India.
Now you might have seen an contradicting statement which says USA considers 1 week course and 1 credit while India considers 30 hour course as 1 credit. Well even if the definition sounds different the actual value is exactly same e.g. 1 week in USA is 5 academic working days and each working day has 6 hour of classes hence one week has 30 hour of classes which means both are equivalent.
We need to do General credits like history chemistry physics and biology because our 12th grade is not counted during evaluation due to some reason
This is the most common misunderstanding among Indian physios. Many think that the courses we did in 12 are not evaluated that is the reason why we need to do it again. This misunderstanding arises because courses like physics chemistry history geography seem to be highschool courses but in USA its continued in college too.  . Hence the issue of including high school subjects in evaluation does not arise.
So how many credits can we get from one university in a year from India
The limit for credits in India according to UGC is 32 credits which means in order to complete 60 general credits from one university is approximately 2 years. Every semester will fetch you 16 credits.


Does that mean we can complete credits from India
Yes ABSOLUTELY , we can complete these courses from any UGC( ) recognized university in India hence giving you an option to complete your general credits from thousands of colleges and institutions. The reason why FCCPT considers only courses from UGC recognized universities is because UGC is the only governmental body which has the authority to grant a university status, which means if an educational institute in India has to be called as a University it should be evaluated by UGC and then certified by them if not the institution is not called as university. And why wont FCCPT recognize Indian education. Our education system is no less than any other education system in the world. The rapid advancement in technology and defence is a proof that Indian education is nothing less to any other education system in the world.
What about     IGNOU  
IGNOU allows liberty to choose courses but I would strongly recommend you not to take any admission into IGNOU. That’s because they are too lethargic and the  examinations are extremely tough. It require  enourmous amount of time to complete the course. Moreover their rules and laws are not only unnecessarily strict but weird as well e.g if you take a said number of courses you have to complete them in any condition or else you will not get a single marksheet. Associate students have lots of disadvantages Furthermore they are very arrogant and disrespectful to students. You will have to spend lots and lots of time visiting their office to get just a minor thing cleared. I had personally faced a hell time with them. If you enroll for 4 credits you need to put in extra 4 credit of effort to deal with them. The probabe reason might be because there are so many lakhs of students in the university and hundreds of courses hence managing it would be quiet a tough job.
 Better to complete from government universities like Periyar University or Alagappa University.

What next after Credit Completion
The next step would be to get the credential evaluation from FCCPT and earn the Type 1 certificate. Then apply for H1b through an employer  and/or  write your  NPTE on visitors visa. After that you could get a job very  easily
What is the minimum qualification for getting a job in USA
According to FSBPT the minimum requirement is a Masters. But that just means an masters equivalent to American Masters in Physical therapy. The basic degree in USA is masters whereas in India the basic degree is Bachelors. Well the terminology of Masters and Bachelors is just vocabulary, basically what they see is the number of your Professional and General credits. A individual has completed his masters according to FSBPT only if he has completed 90 professional and 60 general credits. In India we get around 110  professional credits in bachelors while we get around 10 to 18 general credits. Which means if a individual with BPTh completes his General credits he is equivalent to a Masters Degree in US. But please note that though we have much more professional credits than the required, there is just one professional credit  required and that is in Delegation.
FCCPT has made it mandatory for everyone to complete the general credits because they don’t want Indian PTs to enter United States don’t you remember they had blocked physios from few countries including india from taking the NPTE
Absoluitely insensible thinking. FCCPT and FSBPT has made it compulsory for everyone to complete the general credit requirement in order to be equivalent to American physios. American Physiotherapy department teaches 60 general credit during the course. Now if they have the noble idea to prevent quaks and incompetent mediocre from entering their country and practicing as physios do you think its injustice. I highly salute their decision to make sure that whoever wants to practice in their country should have a minimum appropriate qualification and potential to practice. This way they are controlling the quality of Physios and hence uplifting the standards of the profession which is one reason why in 2012 Physiotherapy was ranked very high in the best jobs list( ).Improving the quality of treatment is the only way to gain respect and recognition hence increasing your worth i.e. remuneration scale. On the other hand if Indian Physiotherapy administrators are not taking necessary steps to control and enhance the quality of physios in India  what can they do for it. US has a set rules and standards laid down for the wellbeing of their citizens and to improve status of healthcare in general which is quiet reasonable and fair and everyone else should respect and welcome it. If anyone uses unfair means to get their licence cleared they should definitely be punished.  We can’t consider other countries to be as lethargic as it is in ours.  Instead of criticizing their efforts you need to look into your own efforts.
Is there scope for Physiotherapists from India to work in USA what about recession.
There is a tremendous scope for practice in United states, there are vaccum of jobs for physios and most of the physios from developing countries are taking full advantage of it and migrating the only unfortunate group of physios despite of having quality education are we Indians. It is estimated that last year about 2000 physios from Philippines are other developing countries got job in US directly through recruiters. Many recruiters from US constantly take campus interviews in Philippines but not even one wants to come to India the reason is that we are not completing our general credit requirement. Many Recruiters are willing to pay every single cost including the airfare and lodging there. There is no recession in the healthcare industry. Can a patient decide not to fall sick just because there is recession, moreover after the healthcare bill there is tremendous scope for physios and a minor effort can take you there. This link is from the US  government website of labour directly ( ) which clearly states that the profession is growing at a much more faster rate than any other profession which means lots many physios will be required in next ten years.Moreover the salary range is a mouth watering minimum 65thousand dollars (around 35 lakh per year) . In other fields Indian workers have already a reputation as well as proved to be  hard worker, highly skilled and dedicated.


Spending 2 years for general credits is a very long time
Yes definitely it’s a long time but if you take admission in multiple universities with proper research and discipline  at once you could easily clear the courses in a very short frame of 5-8 months and thereafter your evaluation, which means in about 9-10months you are prepared to get a job there.

Where can I get further information to prove that whatever has been  said above is TRUE
I am not here to convince anyone, I am just here to give you information. Secondly if you have doubts you can always mail fccpt help desk at  I have personally written lots of mail and have received reply for all my mails instantly. The longest I waited was 2 days. I really appreciate the way they deal with things and their prompt answer. But you need to systematically question them because their answers are very diplomatic keeping in mind all legal terms.
There are a few agencies that state that their courses are recognized from FCCPT and we could gain Credits easily
Please beware of companies that charge a huge sum of money to gain you your credits. Kindly don’t fall to false promises. I had called one agency which said you need to pay a lot to complete the credits. Was shocked to hear that. They might firmly say that FCCPT has given recognition but let me bring to your notice that FCCPT is a NON DISCRIMINATORY BODY, which means they do not discriminate between any institutions neither do they attest, endorse or give recognition to any courses. Moreover they don’t have the authority to give recognition to any courses. Their job is just to evaluate , all they can do is give a approval to courses which a college has made that too only if its recognized by the governmental educational authority of that particular country and with the knowledge of FSBPT.

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